Mon. Dec 11th, 2023

Have you seen this well-dressed woman and her canine companion who need a poop pouch? We have! We have seen her many times on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin. Here is the true story of Jane.

Jane loves Spot, her dog. She gets up early every morning to brush him, feed him and take him for a walk. He is always dressed in his lovely blue collar, matching leash and sometimes his navy sweater. Jane is usually dressed for work in her heels, lovely skirt and matching jacket.

Today is a beautiful day filled with morning sunshine and off they go for a leisurely walk. They always stop at the corner cafe where Jane grabs her morning paper, cup of coffee and donut. Then usually at the next corner, Spot decides to do his job. Spot crouches down and proceeds to expel his dog poop. Jane never appreciates this, of course, but Spot is a normal, well-fed dog and so this happens every day.

Jane is always prepared with her dog poop bag. She is a good citizen and well-respected by her neighbors. In addition, she is also well-educated and very aware of the environmental effects of dog poop. She realizes the harmful effects of abandoned dog waste on our waters – our streams, rivers, lakes and beaches. Jane also knows that dog feces are a health hazard to others who may come in contact with them, including other animals. This lovely lady is smart enough and conscientious enough to always pick up Spot’s dog poop. She is a good woman, a woman you would be happy to know. Now, this is the part of the story where we come in. We usually spy Jane on South Park Street.

We now see well-dressed Jane strolling along with Spot. She has her paper tucked under her arm, Spot’s leash around her wrist and her half-eaten donut in one hand. With the other hand she is holding her cup of coffee and……… her dog poop bag! This is the part that makes no sense. Just think about it, please. Would you see Jane walking down the street with a bag of human feces? No, of course you would not. Why has holding this dog poop bag become accepted by us? Why has picking up dog poop and then eating a donut without washing our hands become accepted by us? We have been living in a cave too long! It is time to come out. donate your poop

Jane needs a poop pouch that is attached to her leash. There are many varieties available. Then immediately after she picks up Spot’s feces with her dog poop bag, she can return the full bag to the pouch. This is where it will be out of sight from her and from others. In addition, it will be well-protected from anything that could tear the bag. She will also not need to carry the poop bag – it will be safely secured in the poop pouch which is attached to the leash. She will now have a free hand to hold her coffee. This will be a much kinder look and a much calmer walking experience.

In addition, after placing the dog waste bag in the poop pouch, Jane can immediately use the hand sanitizer that is always carried close by in the pouch. Expelling a small drop into her palm and dispersing it over her hands will leave her quite prepared to take a bite from her yummy donut. She may even be able to scan her paper while walking down the street with Spot.



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